Pressure reducer Suitable for SALDATRICI TIG or MIG/MAG, constructed of high quality materials, in total respect of the standard (en iso 2503), applicable to Argon/CO2 Gas Cylinders.

Composed of a display for the litres content within the cylinder.

The front knob is used to adjust the pressure or the flow of the display litres. Technical Data: Maximum Spout 20 LT/min at 10 bar

Connection cylinder connection nut 1/2 "of nut and output hose

Operating Pressure: 10 bar BP Ø63 mm gauge 0 – 10 bar 20 LT/min

Product weight 1.1 kg


Suitable for pressure reducer TIG or devices MIG/MAG

Applicable to gas Argon/CO2 cylinders

1 manometer BP Ã & # X2DC; 63 mm 0 – 10 bar 20 lt/min

Pressure Reducer for Wire Welding Argon/Co2 a Pressure Gauge
GBP £ 13.50