• One-stage cylinder reducer AR / CO2 Mini with Rotameter Manometer is used in welding works and in aquariums.
  • One-stage MINI cylinder regulator with a rotameter and pressure gauge. The reducer allows reducing the pressure of gases taken from the cylinder to the required working pressure and ensures a constant value of gas flow regardless of changes in inlet pressure.
  • The reducer is equipped with a safety valve which releases excess gas to the outside when it increases. The reducer is used for welding works and in aquariums
  • -Gas Type Carbon Dioxide-Argon-CO2 / Argon Mix -Maximum inlet pressure 200 bar -Maximum outlet pressure 3.5 bar
  • -Rated capacity 25 l / min - Inlet thread 21.8 X 1/14 -Exhaust connection [hose diameter] 6.3 mm
MINI One-stage cylinder reducer ARG / CO2 Mini with Rotameter Manometer
GBP £ 12.99