The gas burner is ideal for ao. removing moss and weeds as well as work in tar and roofing area. With a combustion

 capacity of approx. 56 kW, the gas burner achieves a flame temperature of approximately 1850 ° C. The device is

 easy to operate and can also be used by inexperienced users in compliance with safety measures and regulations.


1 x Gun Burner

1 x Hose (4m)

1 x Bells Registration (60 mm)

Technical information:

Burner gun: 600 mm

Total length of gas hose: 4 meters

High quality gas burner with ø 60 mm

Burning power: approx. 56 kW

Gas flow: approx. 4000 g / h

Flame temperature: approx. 1850 ° C adjustable

With savings flame handle

Pressure reducer in the burner gun

Suitable for a commercial propane bottle (3, 5 or 11 kg)

Total weight: 1 kg


The gas burner is ideal for removing moss and weeds among others.

With an internal gas burner capacity of approximately 56 kilowatts reaches a flame temperature of about 1850 ° C

. The device is easy to use and can also be used by unexperienced users, in compliance with policies and regulations


Long Arm 90cm Propane Butane Heating Torch Burner Hose 4m
GBP £ 26.99