Designed for smaller cats & kittens. Included in each set is a matching scoop + an active carbon charcoal filter to remove any odours. Easy carry handle included on the Galaxy + a matching scoop for cleaning. Litter trays are Available in 4 colours: Blue, grey, Pink & Green. Lightweight flap system to ensure complete privacy for your feline. Unclip the sides for quick access to clean. Enclosed covered litter box, suitable for smaller cats & kittens.

Great for Cats and Kittens - Keeps Litter Inside

Charcoal Filter Reduces Bad Smell

Equipped with Carry Handle, Scoop, Charcoal Filter and Flap Door

Tray Dimensions: Height 32cm, Width 36cm, Depth 45cm

Made in Italy

Cat Litter Tray Bundle with Scoop Hooded Toilet Charcoal Filter Cat Litter Tray
GBP £ 14.99