AW3000-03 1.0 MPa 21 cm x 5.3 cm Pneumatic Pressure Reducing Regulator w Bracket


Product Name:Pneumatic Regulator                               


Material:Metal, Plastic

Working Medium:Air

Max. Pressure:1.0MPa, 10.2kgf/cm2

Max. Temp.:60°C

Set Pressure:0.05-0.85Mpa

In / Out Pipe Thread Diameter:14.95mm/ 3/8"PT

Gauge Connector Thread Diameter:9.78mm/ 1/8“PT

Gauge Range:0-1.0MPa/ 0-10kgf/cm2

Bracket Size:6.6 x 5.2cm/ 2.6" x 2.1"(L*W)

Pressure Gauge Size:4.2 x 3.7cm / 1.7" x 1.5”(D*H)

Total Size:21 x 5.3cm/ 8.3" x 2.1"(L*W)

Color:Black, Gray


Package Content:1 x Pneumatic Regulator:1 x Pressure Gauge,1 x Install Bracket


Features the adjustable pressure is 0.05-0.85MPa, max pressure is 1.0MPa.

Regulator valve adopts balanced inlet structure with the advantages of stable pressure, high precision, and quick reaction.

Also with pressure gauge, a holder for holding air filter.

AW3000-03 1.0 MPa 21 cm x 5.3 cm Pneumatic Pressure Reducing Regulator w Bracket
GBP £ 21.99